Everyone’s favourite, the sweet, easy to eat New Zealand Satsuma mandarin season is coming to an end

Normally a short season, this one has been a little bit shorter than the usual. ‘Biennial Bearing’ which is the tendency of some fruit trees to bear heavily on alternate seasons is common for the New Zealand satsuma mandarin so after a good season last year we have had a reduction in this intervening year. We should be able to find a few more for the next week, so get stuck into them while they are still available!

Many Growers are working on other Easy-peel seedless mandarin varieties to extend this season. These are very new, and in the coming years should produce good quantities of yummy fruit (only time will tell if they will be as successful as the satsuma). We might get some of these into your boxes this year!

Healthy eating,

Josh & the Team.

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